The Capability Difference

Capability Support Services Inc. is a not-for-profit organization funded by Ontario Health West that provides attendant services to seniors and individuals with physical disabilities in Supportive Housing, Assisted Living, and Attendant Outreach services. These services are delivered in Hamilton, Burlington and Haldimand County and enables individuals to remain independent in their home environment for as long as possible.

CARF Accredited

Capability Support Services is CARF Accredited. CARF provides accreditation services worldwide at the request of health and human service providers. AbleLiving has met the rigorous standards established and evaluated by CARF demonstrating commitment to delivering the highest quality service to our residents.


Supportive Housing

Photo of elderly male resident

Supportive housing provides services to individuals who have complex, irregular, or unpredictable needs for activities of daily living support that are not available through Home and Community Support Services (H&CSS). Supportive Housing is intended for Clients that require 24-hour availability of on-site attendant services.

Supportive Housing provides essential non-medical personal support services on a long-term contractual basis for persons with disabilities which prevents the individual from carrying out the activities of daily living unassisted. Clients must be able to live safely in their home, direct their own services and qualify to lease their own apartment.

The services available may include bathing and toileting, mobility support, medication administration, feeding supports and meal preparation. Specialized services can be transferred to personal attendant staff by a regulated health professional if deemed appropriate after assessment.

Services are delivered within an apartment setting and include the following locations:

  • Aldershot Village - Burlington

    An assisted living program affiliated with Supported@Home Burlington provides personal support services to 10 seniors in accessible units in a 65 unit rent geared to income building.

Shared Living

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Shared Living is similar to Supportive Housing in that individuals live in an apartment or community dwelling. In shared living, accommodations are either a group or congregate living setting where clients receive personal support services as well, have access to additional life skill services such as banking and budget management, medical accompaniment and follow up, community engagement and recreational activities, support with scheduling of transportation services and other appointments.

These services are delivered at the following locations:

  • Carey House - Burlington

    Carey House is located in Burlington and offers 24-hour attendant care to 10 individuals with physical disabilities in a congregate residential setting. Owned and operated by Capability Support Services.

  • Maple Grove Place - Dunnville

    An assisted living program located in Dunnville provides 24-hour assisted living services to 21 seniors. The goal of this program is to provide a place to live for individuals whose personal and health care needs exceed those that can be provided in their own home, but are not significant enough to be admitted to a long term care home.

  • Helen Homes - Hamilton

    Helen Homes is located in Hamilton and offers 24-hour attendant care to 9 individuals with physical disabilities in a congregate residential setting. Owned and operated by Capability Support Services.

Programs & Outreach

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Community Programs are based at the following locations:

  • Burlington, Hamilton and Dunnville: Services in the Greater Hamilton area and Burlington

    Personal support services are provided for activities of daily living such as bathing and toileting, range of motion exercises as well as the instrumental activities of daily living such as life-skills and light housekeeping support within a client's personal home. Low acuity care.

  • Burlington Community Outreach

    Personal support services are provided in a client’s home, school or place of work. Medium to high acuity care.

  • Vis-Able: Hamilton and Burlington

    Vis-Able is an alliance between Capability Support Services and Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario. It is a goal-based program that fosters and promotes independence for adults experiencing difficulties with daily living as a result of vision loss and a permanent physical condition.

Community Navigation Services:

  • Social Housing: Aspen Apartments

    Capability owns and operates a social housing building, single floor apartment dwelling with 14 accessible units geared to housing low-income seniors, 60 years and older.

Fee for Service

Servicing our communities for over 40 years, Capability Support Services Inc. provides opportunities for some services for an hourly fee. These are negotiated individually with an agency representative. We specialize in:

  • Quality client experience
  • Individual customized care
  • Peace of mind for loved ones

You can find more information by contacting a Thrive Group Community Services representative.