Third time is a charm!

Thrive is thrilled to announce that we have exceeded the benchmark score required to be certified as a Great Place to Work for the third consecutive year! This is an incredible feat given that we have had so much change and growth in the past year!

I know that we are all committed to creating a culture of excellence for our staff and clients. Our values of teamwork, honesty, respect, innovation, versatility, and excellence drive our culture and actions. We look for opportunities to demonstrate our appreciation for the work our staff does each and every day for our clients, residents, and families. I am humbled, honored and proud to lead this organization and the incredible staff that provide outstanding service to over 3,500 clients and residents in the communities we serve. The pride I feel when I represent you, and your work in our community speaking to our partners and funders is immense. The most important part of receiving this certification and recognition is that two-thirds of the total score comes from confidential employee survey results that you provided and the remaining one-third comes from an in-depth review of our organization’s culture. Knowing what our employees are thinking is critical to meeting their needs and in turn providing excellence in service every single day!

Congratulations to all!