About Capability Support

Capability Support Services Inc.(Capability) is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to provide quality attendant services to seniors and individuals with a physical disability in Supportive Housing, Assistive Living and Attendant Outreach environments.

Capability was formerly known as Cheshire Independent Living Services which was formed in 2006 bringing together Halton Cheshire Homes and Helen Zurbrigg Non-Profit Homes

Halton Cheshire Homes had been providing attendant services in supportive housing and outreach environments since 1976. Helen Zurbrigg Non-Profit Homes had been providing attendant services in supportive housing since 1997.capabiltiy-support

Independent Living Philosophy
The independent living philosophy is based on a person’s right to make choices and take risks. We believe that people with physical disabilities have the right to live in their community and with that right comes responsibilities. Clients are responsible for letting us know what service they require, when they wish it to be provided and how they want it done.

Our Mission
To encourage and support people within the community in achieving an optimum quality of life that reflects their individual needs and circumstances and recognizes and respects their level of independence

Our Services

▪ Personal grooming, hygiene, toileting
▪ Lifting, transferring and positioning
▪ Assistance with exercise
▪ Meal preparation, cooking, serving
▪ Assistance with medication
▪ Light housekeeping and laundry